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Oil & Vinegar Guests Fans Recipe Ideas

Spiced Tilapia

Spice battle. Spicy Wok Mix vs. Fine Fish Rub. I 💙 fish but tilapia needs spice. Pan fried in garlic evo. I prefer the Spicy Wok & Isaiah the Fish Rub.

Pink Gin Prosecco Spritzer

Prosecco spritzer with pink gin vinegar, mint and raspberries, along with Brie with Tzatziki dip.  Nice Saturday afternoon snack.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Salsa Della Mamma tomato sauce from O/V topped off my stuffed cabbage rolls with garlic and mint. Lots of leftovers!

Eggplant Parmesan

New recipe time! Eggplant parmesan. Recipe calls for roasted eggplant so used garlic grape seed oil since can do well at the 400 F oven AND the oil adds EXTRA flavor!!

Funghi Bruschetta Quinoa

Quinoa! Dressed up with O&V Funghi Bruschetta! This batch was made with organic vegetable broth in place of water, and about an eighth a cup of the bruschetta mix. I drizzled with a touch of olive oil too. Worked out wonderfully!

Steak & Brussel Sprouts

Dinner with baked Brussels sprouts, grilled onion and Portabella Mushrooms seasoned with Oil/Vinegar DIPPER Seasonings and steak grilled w/ EVOO. Sooo good!

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